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New Experience Holidays

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Expeirence Holidays

New Experience Holidays in the USA

DoSomethingDifferent is a company that will help you do just that, something very different whether  you are away from home, or just looking for something to do near where you live. This UK based company is crammed with new experience holidays, things like training with astronauts, diving with sharks, skydiving, getting up close to all sorts of wildlife, and so on.

This very creative company will make sure you get the opportunity do something out of the ordinary on your next holiday. Their site is packed with amazing activities and experiences. These are activities designed to fulfill some of your lifelong ambitions!

DoSomethingDifferent : ATD Travel Services Ltd – the UK’s Number 1 in component travel for the U.S.A. so you can certainly book with confidence. It started in 2002 and has grown into the world’s largest attraction ticket broker. It launched as a brand in 2006, and since then has over 2000 experiences in hundreds of holiday destinations all over the world.

These are once in a lifetime experiences, things you shouldn’t miss while you are in a new country, city, national park, or anywhere while you are abroad. You decide where you want to go and DoSomethingDifferent will help you to find activities that take place in that neck of the woods.

All you have to do is decide what you fancy doing, look it up and book it before you leave.

There over 1500 activities on their site.

Click on this link: to find their site.

New experience Holidays

Helicopter Rides over New York


New Experience Holidays

DoSomethingDifferent will save you an absolute fortune in two main ways, it is cheaper to buy before you leave rather than at the gate because the company are in a position to negotiate fees of up to 40% reduction, these are discounts that individuals can not achieve.

Also, by booking early you can spread the cost as the activity will be paid for before you arrive and so it will not eat into your holiday budget.

Another very important way that this company will help you to fulfill your dream is it will guarantee that you are booked in. It is very important to book activities in advance, wherever you go, to avoid disappointment. Many of these activities are very popular and you may not be able to get helicopter flight over New York after all!

This company take safety extremely seriously. They test each activity thoroughly before recommending it to their customers. They have excellent safety records, and they have all insurances in place.

  • You can choose from a huge range of thrilling and original tours, adventures and activities. No other company in the UK can offer such a wide variety of choice.
  • You may not have to travel very far to have an experience of a lifetime because this company have trips all over the world, so there could be one near to where you live.
New Experience Holidays

Swim with Dolphins

These experiences make wonderful presents for family and friends. They could have a wonderful experience day out, or you could help to make their holiday even more special.  There is even a wedding list section on the site for people who do not need another kettle!

Use this link to be taken to their site.

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