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Italy: Holiday Flat, near Cinque Terre

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carro Carro by Davide Papalini

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to rent a holiday flat near the spectacular Cinque Terre in northern Italy. Read on to discover an unspoiled, authentic Italian holiday experience.

The Apartment:

The apartment is situated in the wonderful historic town of Carro in the beautiful Val de Vara ( Valley of the River Vara). It is surrounded by lush forests and dotted with charming medieval villages. This is a perfect place for a fly-drive holiday. The nearest airports are Genoa and Pisa. They are a couple of hours away on the spectacular motorway that runs along the Ligurian coast.

The private apartment is very comfortable and sunny. It sleeps up to 4 adults and is perfect for a family.

It has a kitchen dining room with a balcony that is large enough to sunbathe on, a large master bedroom with a king sized double bed. There is another room with a TV and armchairs. This room has two single beds that fold underneath each other and comfortably sleep 2 adults.  All the rooms have large sunny windows with shutters and new mosquito nets. The apartment has a private patio area. The bathroom has a shower. There is a long corridor that separates all the rooms. It is well equipped, and Francesca will make sure it’s comfortable and ready for you when you arrive.

This link will take you to details about availability and price but here are some reasons why you should book early to avoid disappointment!

Village of Carro The sunny apartment is at the top of this photo

Walking and Cycling: This is a perfect area for cycling and walking holidays – with clearly marked paths. The highest points and the ancient Roman Via Aurelia overlook the beautiful coast and have truly stunning views.

Apart from the rural peace Carro has many advantages over staying at the coast, especially during the heat of the summer because it is cooler and everyone really appreciates the fresher evening air, it gets stifling and often is very hard to sleep down at the coast.

Carro Italy Pavareto a tiny medieval village near Carro

Getting to The Beach:

During July and August there is a free coach service that takes people to the beach and back, twice a day. This will save you quite a bit of money –as parking down at the beach is problematic and expensive.

You will not be surrounded by tourists in Carro, but instead you’ll be in the company of local people who will put themselves out to make you feel at home. Although Carro is small it boasts a bar, a shop, a post office, a pizzeria and the chemist opens for an hour every week day. There is a beautiful 15th church too.

It only takes about 45 minutes to drive to Monterosso, the first of the breathtakingly beautiful Cinque Terre, where you can catch a train to visit all the others. Portofino is a wonderful place for a day trip. The nearest station is in Sestri Levante, which a is charming seaside Town, full of shops and well equipped beaches.

North Italy Carro Portofino is a day trip away

Places near by:

Apart from Le Cinque Terre and Portofino, the beautiful city of Pisa, with its striking leaning tower, is only a couple of hours away on the motorway and is a perfect place for a day trip. Tuscany is beautiful and has its own splendid coastline and elegant beaches. Lucca is a magnificent medieval walled town that should not be missed. Then there is Parma, Genoa, and even Florence! They are all near enough to visit in a day by car. So, although the valley feels remote and very rural, there are wonderful towns and cities in the vicinity.

Then there are mountains – the Apuan Alps, where Leonardo Da Vinci sourced his marble, is a very interesting day trip. Then there’s La Spezia, a large port, and Lerici  shouldn’t be missed

The first of the spectacular Cinque Terre Monterosso – the first of the spectacular Cinque Terre

When to visit:

Summer: If you love the heat then May to September are perfect. The hottest months are July and August where temperatures along the coast can reach as much as the high 30 c. In the Val de Vara temperatures are usually about 5 degrees lower.

In August the Italians go on holiday and so Carro changes character. There is a full week of festivities at the beginning of the month, delicious local food is cooked under the stars, and bands play music into the night and people dance in the open air. It’s fun and very romantic! It never gets packed and things usually calm down after midnight!

As Carro is the birthplace of Nicolo Paganini’s parents, Carro also hold world class classical concerts, in July and August and tickets are always available to those who are on holiday in Carro.

One of the most special things about this area is the river Vara, I have spent many hours wild swimming – there really is no need to go to the beach, espcially if you’re looking for paradise!

Spring and Autumn: temperatures hit the mid 20s and so these are perfect times of year for walking and cycling. Carro is an excellent place to use as a base. The spring has wonderful colours and an abundance of beautiful wild flowers, and the Autumn brings chestnuts, wild mushrooms, berries and fruits. It is really akin to heaven on earth!

Carro in Winter



Winter: The winter is delightful too and it usually snows in February. Christmas is a lovely time of year because the villages are adorned with lights adding to the general beauty of the place. The winter does have rain, but it is also blessed with beautiful sunny days – you never quite forget that you’re in the Mediterranean! There are places to ski near by too.

Here’s the link again. Thanks for reading – book soon to avoid disappointment!


These wonderful songs will get you in the right mood for a holiday in Italy. Enjoy!


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