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Choosing the Best Family Tent

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Best Family tents and caming with a view

Choosing the best family tent  is quite a tricky thing to get right, but getting it right will make the difference between having a great camping family holiday to one that is uncomfortable and even disastrous! ! Below are my best tips for choosing a good tent that will serve your family well.

The last time we went on a camping holiday in Scotland it rained almost all week – actually it rained every night and 5 out of 6 days! However, thanks to our great tent, we lived to tell the tale.

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We drove up to Scotland from London, and by the time we reached Loch Lomond it was time to stop. It was absolutely bucketing down and the campsite we found was a very sorry looking place. Thankfully it had a great pub that sold the most delicious fish n chips and had live Scottish music too. Fun!

Our tent however was not good. We were just stopping for one night, so we pitched our small, emergency tent. After all how bad can one night’s sleep be! We planned to get up early the next day as we were heading for the western Scottish Highlands.

Pitching our emergency tent in the lashing rain was very difficult because you have to put the inner part up first and then battle with the flysheet afterwards. The result was a wet tent from the get go!

Scottish Mountains - Best Family Tents

A great opportunity to show you how beautiful Scotland is. On the left is Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK covered in May snow.

Once pitched, we left it while we sheltered in the pub. It soon got very soggy and started to sag. And by the time we realized that it was far too small for my son who is over 6 foot tall, it was too late to pitch our proper tent.

It leaked in the night. It was useless! My son and I slept very badly but, annoyingly enough, my husband slept well and was as happy as a lord! My son vowed that he would never to sleep in it again, and I suggested that we put it straight in a bin, but my husband would not hear of it. It’s amazing how attached you can become to camping gear!

Rainbow in Scotland - Best Family Tents

My husband enjoying the weather! Note the huge hat LOL!

The May bank holiday weekend is usually a very busy time for campsites up and down the UK, but when we arrived at our site in beautiful Ardnamurchan many people had packed up and gone home. They couldn’t stand the weather, and by the end of the week we were sharing our lovely campsite with just 2 VW Campervans.

We were in our element because we love battling with nature and being in the great outdoors, so we camped on the edge of the beach!!

We relied totally on our tent for protection, and even though the wind was strong, and the rain turned to hale stones at one point, our wonderful tent did its job well. We were comfortable, warm(ish) and most importantly dry.

It’s a great tent made by Vango, but it is quite an old design and they don’t make them like this any more. Now they’re better!

Things you should look for when choosing the best family tent:

*A dome (or tunnel) shape that has enough height for you to stand up in.

* A large living/dining area, big enough for a table and chairs.

* A tent that has good ventilation. Summer camping can be very uncomfortable, especially if you’re camping in southern Europe where it gets very hot indeed.

* Don’t worry about the weight of your tent. You won’t be carrying it anywhere.

* A large tent that sleeps at least 2 more people than you have in your family. You will need to store things inside – especially when it rains.

* For  privacy – a tent with two sleeping rooms is essential.

* All tents have integral groundsheets, but make sure it is strong, totally waterproof and sewn in.


Best Family Tent – three great examples

The tent below is a Vango tunnel tent. The extended shelter at the front will keep the rain out. It sleeps 5 people and has an extra large living area outside the zipped sleeping space at the back.

Vango Family Tent

Coleman Tents are fantastic and have a great reputation for their durability and design quality. Here’s a great value. What makes it a best  family tent? It’s huge! It sleeps 8 people.

 Great Value Family Tent

This tent is very quick and easy to pitch, which really does make it a best family tent! It’s a Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent with two bed rooms.

Easy tent to pitch.



Here’s a link to an article  about how to pack your rucksack properly.

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